Personal & Professional Development Workshop @ PROTOCOL

Around lunch time today The Association had its August 2018 Workshop at PROTOCOL.  Shared lunch was served to start with while members who attended were getting to know each others of our Community.

Our main Speaker was Tony Groves of HALO High Altitude Leadership Orientation. Mr Groves shared with us about his background with the Military and Intelligence overseas and in New Zealand, that relates to Community & Business health, safety and security environment as in everyday life.  There will be a video coming up for our Cashmere/Port Hills Community & Business Association to watch and to share with your loved ones in particular on HALO’s Mission for Communities in Christchurch & New Zealand.

Other speakers were Dr David Troughton of Cashmere Presbyterian Church who spoke about the availability of the Church Hall as an Emergency Centre should any crisis or emergency happens.

Jennifer Barrer, a poet, an actor and an environmentalist had shared with us today by reading a poem to us about her passion on the Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch.

Anne Ogilvie of Cashmere/Port Hills Community & Business Association who shared with us the passion of writing books that her late Father Gordon Ogilvie had for the Port Hills and Banks Peninsula before he passed away on 23 October 2017 .. Gone and Not Forgotten.

It was all worth while and plenty of very resourceful information were shared  for everyone and hopefully the Cashmere/Port Hills Community will benefit from this.
Thank you to all who came and participated.

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Enriching Communities Good Health & Wellbeing

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