THE PORT HILLS FOUNDATION, The Cashmere/Port Hills Community & Business Association Awards recognize those who have demonstrated a significant commitment to the Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch Region.  The Awards reconnect The Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch Community to their past, present, and future and it brings Community together with compassion celebrating achievements and wonderful shared memories as One Community.

In 2017 ~ The Blessings for the Cashmere/Port Hills Community & Business Awards Celebration and the Re-Opening of The Sign of The Takahe was conducted by the Rotary of Cashmere President David Coster, former minister of Cashmere Presbyterian Church, Moderator of the Alpine Presbytery of Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand.

In 2018 ~ The Blessings for the Cashmere/Port Hills Community & Business Awards were conducted by National Party MP for the Cashmere/Port Hills MP Nuk Korako and Lady Jennifer Barrer of the Four Winds Estate


Give Us Grace 

Give us peace, that we might live until our cup is empty.
Give us food and drink that we may feed our children.
Give us love and mercy that we may heal the world.
Give us freedom to be ourselves – safe from radiation, pollution and contamination.
Give us grace, the power to understand each other on this day, at this time in this place.

By Jennifer Barrer

Harry Ell Awards Est 2017

“One delightful aspect of the Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch Community & Business Association Historic occasion on Saturday 16 December 2017 was the establishment of four plus one individual awards each to be named after Harry Ell’s four Port Hills creations, which all of us in Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch know by heart.

However in case there was someone who has forgotten, the good work of Harry Ell was marked by the Four Signs of The Takahe, of The Bellbird, of The Kiwi and of the Packhorse , all associated with Cashmere/Summit Road, Port Hills Christchurch.

Harry Ell legacy must be remembered and be reflected on how our Local Community contribute towards its betterment from the past, present and future.   Harry Ell Legacy

1) The Sign of The Packhorse Award

The Sign of the Packhorse Award is described as the physical hard working labourer, community and professional group in the outdoor fields.

Sponsored by Business Proprietor Duncan Laing of Swan Lake Gardens, Laing Construction, Lotus at Siam Thai Day Spa + Water of Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch

The Sign of The Packhorse Award 2018 

Was awarded to The Christchurch City Council ~ Port Hills of Banks Peninsula Park Rangers … The Port Hills Park Rangers Team, Victoria Park, Cashmere/Port Hills PORT HILLS PARK RANGERS TEAM 2018

A well deserved Award goes to this humble Team of Park Rangers for all the good work they do or have been doing for decades – in the heat, cold or in the rain with their aim to conserve and maintain a functional clean, hazard free recreational environment for the benefit of all communities and visitors into The Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch Region.

Rodney Chambers CIPA Regional Parks, Operational Support Ranger received The Packhorse Award on behalf of his Port Hills Park Rangers Team, expressed his gratitude to the Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch Community for this award and the special recognition that it bestows on his Park Rangers Team.

KiaOra Koutou, Ko Rodney Chambers Ahau >

Park Rangers are naturally ‘go-for’, ‘do-for’ sort of people. They are motivated in their work to both share and to protect our natural environment.

There’s nothing that gives us more pleasure than to see people out enjoying our Port Hills parks and facilities, running on the tracks, walking their dogs (on the lead of course!) or just enjoying the views.

The Port Hills team also covers a diverse range of reserves across Banks Peninsula, from Halswell Quarry to Te Oka Farm Park and around the harbor basins. They provide specialist services in wildlife monitoring and conservation management, weed and pest control, recreation and amenity facility management as well as environmental education and project management.

The Port Hills rangers also facilitate and support a large number of community volunteers and special interest groups, such as the ‘Summit Road Society’, ‘The EastEnders’, ‘Gravity Canterbury’ mountain bike tracks group and many more corporate and community groups. These groups actually undertake a lot of the physical maintenance and development work enjoyed by visitors to the councils reserves.

The Port Hills rangers were building tracks for mountain bikers long before Canterbury Adventure Park became a reality, they’ve been undertaking weed and pest control for decades before Predator-free NZ became such a phenomenon, and they see themselves as enthusiastically carrying on the heritage and tradition of Harry Ell in encouraging and curating conservation, recreation and tourism on our much loved Port Hills.

Once again thank you for this recognition of our team and the work of the Christchurch City Council. Park rangers ‘love what they do’ because they’re ‘doing what they love’ and I’m sure we’d all say “THE PLEASURE IS ALL OURS”.

CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU once again to the dedicated teamwork of The Port Hills Park Rangers … Making a Difference towards better Communities and Environment ~ Sustainable Community by Productive Association 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The Sign of the Packhorse Award 2017 

Duncan Laing and Steve Kennedy
Sponsor/Business Proprietor Duncan Laing & Commander Steve Kennedy of the NZ Fire Services

The Sign of The Packhorse Award 2017 … was awarded to … The New Zealand Fire Service and the volunteers of The Christchurch/Selwyn Fire Service for the amazing hard work they had done throughout to the point that stopped the fire from spreading, saving the Victoria Park and most of all …… the lives of our Cashmere/Port Hills Community.

Commander Steve Kennedy of the NZ Fire Services in Christchurch Speech when he received The Sign of the Packhorse Award

Good Evening > To the Cashmere/Port Hills Community & Business Association and the Christchurch Community.  On behalf of all Christchurch and Canterbury Firefighters … Thank you for this Award presented to the New Zealand Fire Services tonight.

I lived just down the road from the Sign of the Takahe for a number of years with both of my children attending Cashmere Primary School so I am honoured to be able to be here to accept this Award on behalf of all of our career, volunteer, urban and rural firefighters that attended the Port Hills fire event earlier this year.

The Port Hills fire was one of the most challenging rural urban interface fires that has ever been seen in New Zealand, with fire conditions that we would normally expect to see overseas, and proved a challenge to all agencies involved.

The aim of the New Zealand Fire Services or Fire Emergency New Zealand as we are now known is to save life and property, sadly sometimes the circumstances are against us and we are not always able to achieve this.  With this in mind I wish to take the opportunity to acknowledge those families whose properties we were unable to save.

I also wish to acknowledge and pay tribute to Steve Askin, the helicopter pilot who tragically lost his life while fighting for the Port Hills fire.

The strength and resilience of a Community comes from the spirit developed within a Community and the role of the Cashmere/Port Hills Community & Business Association in fostering the spirit with the Cashmere/Port Hills Community is evident here tonight.

Once again, THANK YOU very much for your consideration and presentation of this Sign of the Packhorse Award.  Finally I wish you all A MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR.   Thank you and enjoy your Evening.

A special moment of silence by all to pay tribute to one brave hero ‘ Steve Askin’ who unfortunately lost his life while working on this project.  Our love thoughts and prayers will always be with Steve Askin’s family and friends ever since this tragedy.  We are forever grateful to all our local heroes who do good things for the Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch Community.

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2) The Sign of The Kiwi Award

The Sign of the Kiwi Award is described as the silent member of the Community who contributes his/her time to support the Community during her/his leisure time and space or when the Community is in need for help or assistance.

Sponsored by The Noel Leeming Family Trust in Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch

The Sign of the Kiwi Award 2018 was awarded to a very special member of the Cashmere/Port Hills Community ~ Barbara Tasman Pollard ~ best known to her Community as Biddy Pollard.


Biddy is a founder of the Cashmere Residents Association and the key saviour of the Ernlea Clark Reserve, which many of us enjoy at the base of the hill in Cashmere ~ Thorrington. She has been a dearly respected local resident for decades and has immense contribution to the welfare and wellbeing of this locality in both human and environmental – ecological terms.

In 1961 Biddy moved from Fisher Ave to 76 Hackthorne Road with her husband John Pollard. John was Chief Chemist at the Christchurch Gas Works at that time, as well as an active clean air advocate. He decided that the family must live above the smog line, and number 76 Hackthorne just met the criterion. From his elevated position, John was able to view the level of the gas holders and check (and admire) the puffs of steam emitted every 15 minutes. Biddy enjoyed the outlook over the Cracroft forest.

In the 1960s her immediate neighbourhood was vibrant and included a Commander (Anderson), a Captain (Ray Pugh Williams), an american professor (Pocock) and the Miller, Reese and Kennett families, all key progressive Christchurch people. Soon neighbours from Fisher Ave arrived, pioneering asthma physiotherapist Bunny Thompson and thoracic surgeon Mr Heath Thompson.

Shopping was at Mr Kettle’s, the local grocer shop at the intersection of Hackthorne and Dyers Pass roads. It was here that Biddy defied American security and ran across the road to welcome President Clinton.

Later Johnny Martin’s at the bottom of Hackthorne Road was a frequent stop to shop and chat.

All three of Biddy’s children, then three of her grandchildren, attended Cashmere Primary School followed by Cashmere High School where she later worked part-time supporting audio-visual teaching.

Biddy is an active, supportive community resident and can be proud of her contributions, including: Helping re-establish the Cashmere Residents Association in the 70s. This group was successful in seeing that a member was allowed to attend Heathcote Council meetings;
Cashmere Kindergarten committee in the 60s and then as a supportive grandmother in the 90s; Cashmere Primary School PTA member (while husband John chaired the School Committee and Jenny Barrer was on the staff);
Helping at the Cashmere Junior Library located in Dyers Pass Road opposite Cracroft Terrace (that was a haven for Cashmere children as schools did not have good libraries);
Parent support for the Cashmere brownies and girl guides;
Supporting the annual fireworks event at the scout den (next to Cashmere kindy) – at least until a jumping jack got out of control!
Taking her grandchildren to the Cashmere mother’s and children’s music group (started by Lill Falloon);
Biddy helped in establishing one of the first neighbourhood support groups in Cashmere, and she participated in their recent lubricated event.

Biddy loved her first career in nursing, and despite being told by a local mother that “Cashmere ladies don’t work,” she juggled family with part-time work at Coronation Hospital (formerly the Sanitorium) and then at Princess Margaret Hospital as the head night supervisor. One night while on duty she saw Hackthorne House at Gwynfa Ave burning down.

Biddy has always had a love of plants and trees, and took up an opportunity for a career change. She worked at Cashmere Downs Nursery for many years, and went on to establish her own garden consultancy. She was often invited to speak about botanical matters and showed flair for the interesting and the unusual. Biddy is a strong supporter of tree protection and saved a number of local specimens. She remains a member of the Friends of the Botanic Gardens and the NZ Fungal Foray.

She has often been spotted on pre-tramp visits as she organises diverse tramps on the Port Hills for the Over 40s Tramping Club. Victoria Park is a favourite place.

Biddy recalls the murder in 1954 at Victoria Park committed by two pupils from her former school, Christchurch Girls High, and portrayed in the Peter Jackson movie “Heavenly Creatures”. This event cast a pall over the park for decades.

Recently Biddy planned a fungi hunt at Victoria Park for the Pegasus U3A group. Her contribution to U3A has been substantial, and through many speakers and visits she keeps those of the 3rd age challenged, inspired and learning.

Biddy is always willing to offer her time and expertise to others as well as being a strong voice on local environmental developments. Her letters to the Press Editor reflect her passion for our region and the need to preserve natural and historical features.

Biddy helped, with other like-minded residents, save the garden of Nancy Sutherland in Ashgrove Terrace, near the Princess Margaret Hospital. This was bought by the City Council and named Sutherland Bush Reserve. Biddy ensured for many years that the council looked after the native trees and ferns, and that the streams and ponds were lush and healthy.

Biddy, together with family, loved to visit the monarch butterflies over the footbridge in Ashgrove Terrace near Colombo Street. In 1862 Leonard Ernle Clark and his family bought a large tract of land there and called it Thorrington. Biddy with helpers fought tirelessly for a long time (including collecting 1,684 signatures on a petition) to preserve a section of the land, planted by early settlers with rare and beautiful Oak and Ash. Bulldozers were kept out and the Ernle Clark Reserve was created.

It is thanks to this tremendous drive and belief in the need to be proactive that these two reserves continue to provide enjoyment for all, although current opposition to non-native trees, and subsidence, threaten the character of Ernle Clark Reserve that Biddy fought so hard to retain.

In the late 1990s Biddy moved house, from Hackthorne Road to Dyers Pass Road, and her circle continued to grow. Within our supporting community, she gradually turned into a Grand Lady of Cashmere.

Biddy, you are a Cashmere treasure, and tonight we celebrate your community work achievements. Your ongoing support and your presence tonight with your family shows how much you value Good Community.

‘Beauty and happiness comes from a life well lived ~ The Life of Biddy Pollard’
Blessings Biddy from your Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch Community.

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The Sign of the Kiwi Award 2017 

Haydn Rawstron, Evelyn Harding and Paul Harding

The Sign of the Kiwi Award 2017 … was awarded to … a very special lady Mrs Evelyn Harding who has been a local identity in the Beckenham-Cashmere area for decades. She has been nominated for her own real merit, but also as a symbol of many able women of her era who have quietly served their communities, as volunteers, without fuss or tangible reward on a range of positive fronts. She still lives among us at her home on Dyers Pass Road (where she has lived since 1960) ,and we are delighted that her family are with her tonight.

Eve and her late husband Roy took over the family business, Harding’s Chemists, Beckenham, in the 1950s and ran it as a thriving local entity until the early 2000s.  In this time, Eve made many contributions to her community and city. As well as raising four offspring (Paul, Kevin, Ian, Anne), Eve threw her exceptional organizational talent and energy into ventures such as The Children’s Theatre (at the old Malt House), city guiding and home-hosting visitors, and the NZ Historic Places Trust across many years. For Historic Places, Eve arranged and often ran bus tours around Canterbury and the city on themes of special interest and served for many years on the Regional Committee of the HPT with other stalwarts such as Pam Wilson, the historian Dr John Wilson and the late Jim Espie. Eve also threw herself into cobbing work on the Glens of Tekoa farm for many years and relished the hard work of mashing dirt into functional mud-bricks. Eve has never been one too fearful of getting her hands dirty. She has also served for many years on the Committee of the Cashmere Residents’ Association and has been a quite incredibly hard-working stalwart on the Ngaio Marsh House project, as a Board member, Conservation Gardener and Chief Guide from 1997 until she stepped down some time after the earthquakes, alas, gave her many challenges in dealing with Eve Harding House.  Eve is a deeply modest but practical person. She put in untold hours and thousands of her own dollars in skilfully planting and re-shaping Dame Ngaio’s garden which had been basically neglected for 13 years and was overgrown, especially with Eve’s pet hate: agapanthus. Eve planted appropriately-researched roses and a herb garden, removed overgrowth and sculpted borders in post-quake chimney bricks in lovingly restoring the site as a conservator. Eve met Dame Ngaio a few times when Roy was delivering to the great Dame, as her local chemist. Her work as a vibrant, charming, knowledgeable and friendly guide to many delighted visitors was given freely and greatly appreciated by them. So tonight’s award is for conspicuous and meritorious service to her region, city and locality.

Eve, we thank you for many years of unstinting and unheralded service! Please accept this Award as a token of the very high esteem in which you are held within this community.

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3) The Sign of the Bellbird Award

The Sign of the Bellbird Award is described as the hardworking professional who has been and is still serving the Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch Community for years and contributes by offering her time, products, professional skills to support the Community in her time of service as a business professional or community professional.

The Sign of the Bellbird Award 2018 … was awarded to … Alexandra Davids of Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch & Keep Christchurch & New Zealand Beautiful 



Alexandra Davids current involvements are; as an Elected Member of the Linwood, Central, Heathcote Community Board of The Christchurch City Council

Canterbury Neighbourhood Support
Neighbourhood Support aims to make our homes, streets, neighbourhoods and communities safer and more caring places in which to live.

The Graeme Dingle Foundation
Our programmes have the potential to significantly benefit Aotearoa, New Zealand through a youth population who are better educated, have enhanced employment prospects, greater self-esteem and are healthy and motivated.

Women’s Refuge
The Battered Women’s Trust
Battered Women’s Trust is an affiliated women’s refuge in Christchurch supporting women & children to live safe & healthy lives, free of family violence.

Chair of Keep Christchurch Beautiful
We promote and support the advantages of making and keeping our wonderful city clean, green and litter free.

Keep New Zealand Beautiful
Dedicated to keeping our communities clean, safe and beautiful. Our campaigns ‘Be A Tidy Kiwi’ and ‘Do the Right Thing’ have been part of New Zealand culture for nearly 50 years. All about sustainability and making New Zealand a more beautiful place for all.

Local Government Young Elected Members Representative + Local Government Community Board Executive Committee

THANK YOU Alexandra for your wonderful and amazing contribution in the Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch Community.  We wish you the very best in all your present and future endeavors. Leading all ages by Good Example🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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The Sign of The Bellbird Award 2017


The Sign of the Bellbird Award 2017 … was awarded to … Jenny Hollands – Cashmere Gallery Florist & Gifts of Cashmere

To meet Jenny Hollands, I squeeze past immaculate displays consistent with a stylish gift shop. Further along the tidiness gives way to a rumpled, albeit orderly, working area. Multi-coloured cyclamens await on the bench until they will be included in a magnificent bouquet. A completed one, competing in size with Jenny, displays spectacular golden Lilies. Jenny Hollands was awarded with the Sign of the Bellbird Award.

“I think long service earned this award,’’ laughs Jenny.

She has been at Cashmere Gallery for 29 years. She took over the gallery following four years of flower arranging training. Over the years she has supported many communities fund-raising events, frequently doing the work for no charge.

“ I enjoy working with the friendly, supportive, people in the Cashmere, Port Hills community. The people make the community a bit special. Along with that, a lot of people doing interesting things live here. We meet many artistic people.’’

The premises began as an electrical shop.

“The mother of a friend started the original Cashmere Gallery as a gift shop during the 1970s.

Jenny Hollands further developed the gallery, adding flower arranging to an even more sophisticated range of gifts.

“ New Zealand Postal services were added about 12 years ago. That has brought more people into the gallery. Many stops on their way home, especially those living over the hill.

Jenny gets her flowers from the flower market. She goes there, early, three times a week.

“ The lovely ting about flowers is they are seasonal. They are changing all the time.’’

She thinks the block of Thorrington shops where Cashmere Gallery is located represents an agreeable mix of businesses.

“Most of the business people have been here a long time.

“I expect the great community we are part of keeps us here. It is very satisfying,’’ says Jenny Hollands.

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4) The Sign of The Takahe Award

The Sign of the Takahe Award is described as the hard-working professional ‘a local icon’ who contributes much of his/her time to support the Community with her services as either or both community and business professional.

Sponsored by Christian O’Malley & Nienke Podmore of Mike Pero Real Estate – Cashmere  Real Estate Specialists & Professionals  in Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch.

The Sign of the Takahe Award 2018 … was awarded to … to Jennifer Margaret Barrer of The Four Winds Estate in Cashmere/Port Hills, Christchurch.

The Four Winds

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The Sign of the Takahe Award 2017


The Sign of the Takahe Award 2017 … was awarded to … The Honourable James Patrick Anderton, CNZM of Christchurch 

It is a signal honour to present this supreme award to Jim, who, regrettably due to very serious illness, is now resident in our suburb (at Cashmere View). I am sure that, whatever our politics, we are all proud to have Jim in our midst whilst also being profoundly sad that he is now so very fragile, worn out after a life of self-sacrifice for the good of others.  Jim was nominated for this award because of his life of service. He is a rare ‘bird’ in our Parliament—one who has not (secretly) viewed public service as a license for self-service. That cannot, alas, be said of many in the Parliamentary or even local government flock.

This inaugural Takahe Award goes to a politically courageous man of grit, tenacity of purpose, and a dogged battler for built heritage. Jim would be thrilled to have been with us tonight at the informal re-opening of The Sign of the Takahe. He is pleased that this project is now complete. I am sure he would believe that its restoration offers a micro-vision of what can be achieved over time with Christchurch Cathedral.

This award tonight has nothing whatever to do with party political affiliation, but everything to do with a man who has been unimpeachably honest and who has striven to serve many people in this nation and city, in our southwest sector, from his election as an MP in July 1984 until he retired before the 2011 general election. Jim also tried to help his adopted city as its Mayor in 2010 and later served the wider community interest as Co-chair of the non-partisan Great Christchurch Buildings Trust with another honourable Cantabrian, his old National opponent but friend, Philip Burdon, in their quest to restore Christchurch Cathedral for a vibrant future. Their motivation, I suggest, is captured in lines etched in stone above the US Supreme Court: “The Past is Prologue.”  And as “Press” Editor, Joanna Norris, stated (Editorial, 9 September 2017, p.1): if the Anglican Synod moved to restore the Cathedral it would “be a gesture of kindness. It will reinforce this generation’s role as caretakers of our city’s heritage. We are but stewards of our land and built heritage.”

Born in Auckland in 1938, Jim joined the NZ Labour Party in 1963 and served as the 25th President of the Labour Party from 1979-1984 when he entered Parliament for the seat of Sydenham (later named Wigram). By 1989 Jim was enraged and distressed at the ideological excesses of Rogernomics and left the party to form the New Labour Party. He served in the Clark coalition government from 1999 to 2002 as the 15th Deputy-Prime Minister of New Zealand and as Deputy Minister for Health and other roles. He should be remembered for fighting for Kiwibank and paid parental leave as well as to save valuable built heritage here, having seen so much heritage fabric destroyed in Auckland for a raft of ugly mirror-glass towers.

Jim’s service ethic began early: he trained as a teacher and taught at St. Peter’s College (Auckland) and then became a child welfare officer and worked for the Catholic diocese of Auckland as a young man before establishing a manufacturing company in 1971, which offered profit-shares and generous bonuses and working conditions to his staff. In 1974 Jim was elected to the Auckland City Council and that year he was also featured in a Time Magazine article and named a future leader to watch.

In June of this year Jim was named a Companion of the Order of Merit in The Queen’s Birthday Honours, and Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy awarded Jim the Insignia for Services to the New Zealand Parliament at a special private ceremony in September.

We deeply regret that Jim is simply too unwell to personally receive this far more intimate and personal award from us. He knows of it and was touched by this gesture. His wife Carole has asked that I accept this award on Jim’s behalf as she is busy tonight with family arriving to visit with him. Carole expresses sincere gratitude from Jim and his family for this local honour.

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5) The Harry Ell Premier Award

The Harry Ell Premier Award is described as a conservationist, an  environmentalist like Harry Ell who led his then community with passion for the environment and for the recreational benefits of his beloved community in Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch.

paul marie bill paula

The Supreme Harry Ell Premier Award 2018 … was awarded … To Harry Ell’s grandson Late John Jameson & The Summit Road Society for their ongoing outstanding work on The Port Hills.   In 1948 the Summit Road Society was founded by Harry Ell’s grandson John Jameson with the Society’s objectives and long term goal to enhance, preserve and protect the nature, beauty and character of the Port Hills for future generations.

Seventy years later, The Summit Road Society continues its commitment with its vital role in The Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch Community.  President Bill Woods of the Summit Road Society spoke when he received the Harry Ell Premier Award on behalf of his Summit Road Society Team quoted ” By comparing a glass half empty and a glass half full – on how it must have been very difficult for Harry Ell and John Jameson in their days of struggle, without the resources and the pessimistic minds which made things unbearable for them without this support .. Nowadays the modern generation are more educated, optimistic with flexibility with options to suit or to choose from .. which means there is hope in everything we do for the better future.  We are the hope for the Future.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Summit Road Society for claiming the Supreme Harry Ell Premier Award 2018.  THANK YOU for your outstanding work on the Port Hills > A well deserved Teamwork Effort in keeping His Honorable Harry Ell’s vision and legacy alive for the benefit of all future generations.

Support the Summit Road Society for their good work on The Port Hills either by becoming a Financial Member of the Summit Road Society or Give generously by donation will be much appreciated !

Links to the Summit Road Society;

Links to Harry Ell Legacy in connections with the Summit Road Society;

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The Harry Ell Premier Award 2017


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The Harry Ell Premier Award 2017 …. went to … Jennifer Barrer of Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch  

Jennifer Barrer says her life in total rather than any special project led to her earning the inaugural Harry Ell Premier Award.  Community involvement has been Jennifer Barrer’s life.  She recognises Harry Ell’s community work in giving so much to Christchurch through his conservation efforts associated, particularly, with the Port Hills and its cherished Summit Road. She is a woman with multitude interests. Gardening on her hillside Four Winds property is one. She arrived at the interview with a freshly-made pose –for the interviewer.

“I did not know if I could find enough flowers from my mid-winter garden. I went out and had a look. I could find them. I love that sort of challenge.’’

The pose has a variety of blooms, each inspiring a story. Small willow twigs relate to her frequent travels to Arthur’s Pass in the Southern Alps.  Her family owned the restored roadman’s cottage, Jack’s Hut, near the summit of Arthur’s Pass. Jennifer’s mother grew up there.

The pose is the work of artistic hands and mind.

She has been a teacher, professional actress training with Dame Ngaio Marsh and is a published poet. Her writing career began at a young age with her first collection Te Rangianiwaniwa (The Rainbow) published in 1988.

Her most recent is, New Zealand Made after the Earthquake, a sequence of poems.

“I saw so many earthquake books promoting doom and gloom, I wanted to write a book to cheer Christchurch people up.’’

We chat for an hour, Jennifer relating a wealth of incredible lines. Her final offering being a gleeful “I just love my life. I love being alive.’’




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Community & Business Harry Ell Awards Celebration 2020 Saturday 19 December 2020

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Award Categories


The Sign of the Packhorse Award recognizes a professional individual, a business entity, sole trader, company or organization who serves the Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch Community on the outdoor fields.  Like the hard-working Packhorse, driven by consistent, effective and proactive commitment in improving the environment by maintaining a good balance between community and business.  If you know of someone who deserves recognition for their community service, nominate them for this Community & Professional Service Award.


The Sign of the Kiwi Award recognizes community individuals and non-profit organization who strives to make a difference in his/her/their community involvement as volunteers, without fuss or tangible reward.  Whether he/she is youth, older adult, cultural, church, recreation, sport or community service fields, these individuals or associates deserve recognition for their good deeds in the Community.  If you know of someone who deserves recognition for their community service, nominate them for this Community Service Award.


The Sign of the Bellbird Award recognizes professional individuals or business entities who are leading the Community by good example, serving their community well with either paid or voluntarily during and outside their normal business trading hours.  These professionals are self-employed sole traders, limited companies, organizations, health employment or education institutions that benefit the Cashmere/Port Hills Community.  If you know of someone or business who deserves recognition for their community service, nominate them for this Community & Business Service Award.


The Sign of the Takahe Supreme Award recognizes a unique leadership role in our Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch Community, someone with a life of self-sacrifice for the good of others.  Leading others to protect heritage and assets for the future generation of Christchurch. An individual who has striven to serve many people in his or her time of service. If you know of someone or entity with a management or executive role, a local icon who deserves recognition for their community service, nominate them for this Supreme Community & Business Service Award.


The Harry Ell Premier Award is one of its kind.  Irreplaceable Harry Ell 1862 – 1934 was a Christchurch City Councilor and MP.  Always a keen environmentalist, his full life scored many conservation highlights. Despite his political diversity, he is best remembered for his Summit Road on the Port Hills and its regular road houses, all but one named after native birds.  When he died in 1934 he was still dreaming of creating park to protect the upper slopes of the Port hills for all time.  In 1948 his grandson, John Jameson founded the Summit Road Society to further Harry Ell’s work and vision.  If you know of someone or business entity or organization who deserves recognition for their community service, nominate them for this Supreme Premier Community Award.



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